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Food Available in Hong Kong

Cantonese style restaurants are by far the most popular, but other types of Chinese food is available from Sichuan to Beijing.  Food is not limited to just Chinese, as there are many ex-patriots.  Other Asian foods to be experienced with their various specialties are Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean, Singaporean, Japanese, Burmese as well as Italian and Indian cuisines.  Of course there are American-style restaurants along with French bistros and Mexican "cantinas."

In Hong Kong (as well as other Asian countries), chopsticks are the utensil of choice when eating Chinese food.  Food is served differently as well with the dishes placed on the table for all to partake of and share.  Each person is given a bowl of rice and on this rice (in Hong Kong) is placed the food that has been taken from the "communal" food dishes.  It is acceptable for a person to place the bowl of rice up to their face to eat it (which is beneficial to those unaccustomed to this practice).

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