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Hong Kong's Geography

The subtropical climate of Hong Kong with its four distinct seasons is best visited when its relatively dry and cool which is from October to December.  Hong Kong's summers have average temperatures of 82 degrees F (28 C) and are extremely hot and humid.  Rainfall is plentiful during this time, April to September, as Hong Kong's residents are subjected to typhoons.  There is a short spring and fall period and the winter temperatures average about 59 degrees F ( 15 C). 

Hong Kong can be divided into three distinct areas: Hong Kong Island (Victoria), Kowloon and the New Territories.  Located across the bay from Kowloon is what is commonly known as Hong Kong Island, or Victoria.  This section of Hong Kong has several notorious areas: the Central District, which is the center of business; the Western District is heavily influenced by the Chinese, it is also where the British first settled;  Causeway Bay, initially known as East Point by the British, is home to Victoria Park as well as many high rises; Stanley, located on the southern side, is infamous for its beaches, Stanley Market, and the nearby Stanley Prison; Aberdeen, also on the south side, was the main fishing port before the British arrived and is home to thousands of boats.

Kowloon is less than 4 square miles (11 sq km) but in its Mong Kok district (as well as on Hong Kong Island), the population density is one of the highest on Earth at 116,400 per square km.  In this area is the "Golden Mile," a strip known for its shops/vendors as well as its nightlife.  When Britain leased land from Boundary Street (in Kowloon) up the the Shenzhen river (along with over 200 islands), this area became known as the New Territories.  In the New Territories are many villages as well as numerous islands favored for weekend trips to relax.   One of those favored islands, Lantau Island, is actually larger than Hong Kong Island and has been developed with resorts and town homes.

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