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History of Hong Kong

To imagine modern Hong Kong's humble beginnings as that of a fishing village is astounding.  The strides and advances the city, at one time called a "barren rock," has made since the 1800s when it was a port for British ships are immense.  When these ships brought opium, which China opposed, it started a war between the two countries.  In 1842, Britain was allowed to preside over Hong Kong Island and then after a second clash in 1860, Kowloon was turned over along with the New Territories under a 99-year lease.

Continually hanging over Hong Kong's "head" was the fact that in July 1997 the New Territories would revert back to China.  After many meetings, an agreement was signed called the Basic Law that says Hong Kong will become one of China's Special Administrative Regions (SAR).  It also stated that Hong Kong will basically remain as it is currently known for an additional 50 years after the turnover.

Fear of Hong Kong reverting back to Communist China's rule, caused some people to emigrate to other countries, but many have returned with another country's citizenship in hand as a safeguard. 

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