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The People of Hong Kong

The 1995 population in Hong Kong was roughly 6 million, with 98% of the population being Cantonese (Chinese).  The lowest point in Hong Kong's population during British rule, was during World War II with the Japanese occupying the city.    After the war, with the changeover of mainland China to Communism, many Chinese moved to Hong Kong.   This was the beginning of Hong Kong's population and economical boom. 

For the most part, Asians have a strong work ethic: they work hard thus putting a lot of energy into what they do.  As a result, Hong Kong has benefited by becoming a tremendous economic force in the world.  In spite of the fact that many wealthy Chinese have taken on Western ways, they still uphold their traditional beliefs, and Confucianism's role in societal relationships.

With the eminent turnover of Hong Kong from Britain to China, many Chinese left to emigrate to other countries such as Australia, the United States and Canada.  Now, those who immigrated are returning, but secure with the fact that they have citizenship or permanent residency outside of China.

Three religions, or some elements from each, define the religious life of most people in Hong Kong.  These religions are Buddhism, from India, and Taoism and Confucianism from China.  Not unlike other Asian countries with these religions, there is ancestral worship as a way of honoring the dead ancestors.  Hong Kong also has representation of almost all the main religions in the world.

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