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Hong Kong's  Attractions

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Although Hong Kong is relatively small in size, the things that can be seen and experienced are immense.   Depending on which part of Hong Kong you are in, there are many places to go whether it's sightseeing, shopping or looking for food!  The Chinese food in Hong Kong is great and there are a wide variety of restaurants with varying cuisines available.

Aberdeen, located on Hong Kong Island's south side is home to about 600 junks which house over 6,000 boat dwellers.  This area, which had originally been the most important fishing port in Hong Kong before British rule, is one of the oldest and most popular tourist attractions.

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Ocean Park / Water World
Ocean Park is an entertainment center with an oceanarium, Atoll Reef, a marine section with penguins and performing orcas, a roller coaster, 2,000 bird aviary, butterfly house, and the Middle Kingdom, which is a passage through Chinese history from China's inception to the current era.  Visitors can take cable cars to the top of  Brick Hill from the park entrance, an experience that takes an hour from the entrance up to the top.  Avoid going to the park on windy days, as the cable cars aren't operated when it's windy.  Next to Ocean Park is Water World, a water park that is open during the summer.

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Stanley has an interesting background as a pirate hideout as well as a fishing village and has since become a bustling area known for it's beaches,  shopping at Stanley Market, and Stanley Prison.  Also found in here is the Tin Hua Temple and the Hong Kong Sea School.

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Repulse Bay
The most popular beach in Hong Kong is found at Repulse Bay, found on the southern part of the island.  On weekends, the beaches are filled with people enjoying the sand and the views of some islands in the South China Sea.  Unfortunately, some tend to call it "Repulsive Bay" after the weekend crowds go away because of all the garbage left behind.

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Shops are plentiful in Tsim Sha Tsui up to Nathan Road, located in Kowloon. This area, otherwise known as "the Golden Mile," is known for its great shopping and colorful nightlife.  Other great shopping areas in Kowloon include Mongkok, and Yaumati.


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Cultural Activities
Also found on Kowloon is the Hong Kong Cultural Center, which opened in 1989.  It is in Tsim Sha Tsui as well and is located across from the well-known Peninsula Hotel.  The Cultural Center is home to the Hong Kong Museum of Art and has a theater, studio, and concert hall as well as Chinese and European restaurants.

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Victoria Park
There are several things to be experienced while at Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island.  There is the Peak Tram, a historic landmark since it was built in 1888, that takes you from Garden Road to the Tower on Victoria Peak.  The Peak Tower is about 410 meters (1,350 ft) and has an area for snacks or meals.  The view on Victoria Peak is beautiful and well worth the money and time spent.

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