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Go Green Revolution
(GG Revolution)

The world is moving into a new era, the Go Green Revolution (GGR).  This means that everyone, not only environmental activists, has to go green because of the earth's current global warming and rising seas.  Environmental changes are not only damaging to our economy, but are now to the point of threatening human life itself.  It is no longer acceptable to solely use fossil fuels to run the economy while damaging the environment.

Many countries now realize there is a problem and are actively trying to change their economic system to become more earth friendly.  Germany is an example of this, they have placed a cap on their CO2 emissions to reduce their greenhouse gas contribution.  In Brazil, they have taken charge and started the process of changing to ethanol.  They have already changed 40% of their fuel to ethanol, so they are no longer dependant on foreign imported oils.

In the United States, the Bush administration has in the past five years been spending 29 billion dollars in research and development of renewable energy sources and energy tax incentives.  What is more interesting is that Congress and the Senate are both controlled by the Democratic Party.  This is significant in that there is a presidential election next year and if a Democrat wins the presidency, there will be a huge shift toward green energy policies.  The Democratic Party has many environmental supporters.  It’s also possible that there could be more pressure put on the oil and gas companies to invest in renewable energy sources.  If this were to happen, it's possible a tremendous amount of money would be invested in renewable sources of energy.

Americans, in general, already acknowledge failure with the Iraq War.  They are realizing more and more their dependence on oil and that they must change to renewable sources of energy.   After a new administration is brought in, many countries will have to change their energy policies if the U.S. decides to join the Kyoto treaty with the condition that all developing nations join (including China and India).

The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) already warns us of the seriousness of global warming.  Dr. Achim Steiner, Exec. Direc UN Environmental Program, says that “It matters whether or not you are born in Africa…..societies are affected in different ways.”  No longer is there debate about our direct involvement in global warming.  We, humans, are responsible for the warming of the earth and all nations accept this result without doubt. 

How does this global change affect us?  It's very clear that our future has to change dramatically soon.   This is bad news for those nations that are not prepared. The future competitiveness of a nation depends on its energy security.    Whoever develops the initial green energy source, will elevate their nation to become a major power in the future.  A new revolution means new opportunities for all industrial nations.  It can be solar, wind, water, biomass, or any type of renewable energy source for all different nations.  It is a matter of survival and the fittest will come out on top with innovative energy developments.  The 19th century had the Industrial Revolution, the 20th century had the IT revolution and now the Go Green Revolution is for the 21st century.

The Go Green Revolution and converting to an environmentally friendly industry is no longer a choice.  It is our reality and it's coming to us very fast.


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Ken Salazar,  U.S. Senator, Colorado



Dear Mr. Lee:

Thank you for contacting me regarding energy independence. I appreciate hearing from you.

America has an energy problem. We are dependent on foreign oil, our increasing consumption deepens our dependence, and rising energy costs are hurting America’s families and businesses. Our current rate of growth puts us on track to import 70% of our oil in 2020, at costs even higher than today’s. I am pleased that the President recognized the importance of energy independence in his State of the Union address and expressed an interest in working toward a solution.

Our energy problem is both a challenge and an opportunity. It challenges us to think boldly, to explore new ideas, and to find and develop alternative sources of energy. In the Senate I have been a champion for renewable energy and energy efficiency, working with my colleagues on a number of legislative initiatives that will help us cut our dependence on foreign oil.

Just recently, I was proud that a number of alternative energy tax incentives from bills that I introduced were signed into law. These extensions of tax credits for wind, solar, and biofuels production will help give investors and renewable energy developers added certainty as they bring their clean energy to market. I was also pleased that the President recently signed into law tax incentives for energy efficiency in homes and businesses from a bill I introduced.

You may also be interested to know that I am part of a bipartisan group of Senators that have introduced S. 339, the DRIVE Act. This bill, similar to a bill I and others introduced last year called the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act, promotes conservation and renewable energy production. The DRIVE Act improves the efficiency of our vehicles, which account for nearly two-thirds of our oil consumption, by mandating the installation of flexible fuel technology in new vehicles, by improving tire efficiency, by encouraging research and development to improve gas mileage, and by promoting the production and use of hybrid and advanced diesel engines. To help expand the availability of renewable fuels for our vehicle fleet, the DRIVE Act encourages the expansion of our bio-refinery capacity and our ability to produce E85, a fuel that is an 85% ethanol mix.

I am excited by the opportunities afforded by renewable energy and I am proud that Colorado, with its National Renewable Energy Laboratory, its extensive farmland, its solar resources, its winds, and with the ingenuity of its residents, is poised to become a global leader in renewable energy development.

Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind as I continue to fight for energy independence. Thanks again for contacting me.


Ken Salazar
United States Senator




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