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Transportation in Shanghai

Due to rapid increase of vehicles on the road, roadways are becoming jammed thus blocking traffic routes.  There are many different ways to get around Shanghai with bicycles, walking and buses as the main modes of transportation.  Other modes include trains, cars and motorcycles.  

An important way of getting around Shanghai and other Chinese cities, is the bicycle.  They are inexpensive and faster than using cars, taxis or buses when there is extensive traffic on the road and are very easy to maneuver.  With the steady increase of cars on the road in recent years, the market for bicycles has gone down, but are still considered to be one of the most important means of getting around Shanghai.

Taxis are available, but are expensive in that there is a lot of traffic and the meters run up while sitting still.  Buses in Shanghai and other Chinese cities are usually packed with people, and pickpockets are not uncommon.  For people with claustrophobia, don't take the bus, for they have people shoving their way on or off while being packed in like sardines.  If possible, go by foot, especially if the distance isn't too great.  The subway is the way to go if walking is not possible, but they are packed as well.  A little more expensive than the bus, it is reliable and efficient.

When traveling by train, soft sleeper is recommended for comfort.  There are four options available: hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper, with the soft sleeper far superior to the other choices.  If a foreigner wishes to travel by train, they must be prepared to pay two or three times what the Chinese do, as the prices for foreigners are generally higher.

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