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In 1990, there were a little over 2 million people living in Tibet.  Most Tibetans live in rural areas with many being nomadic or semi-nomadic (no permanent place to live). 
It is believed that before the Communist Chinese controlled Tibet (before the 1950's), the population was waning due to illnesses and poor pre/post-natal care.  Another factor was that many men were becoming celibate monks.
In general, Tibetans are very religious and follow the beliefs of Buddhism (or Lamaism), with the Dalai Lama their temporal head of state.
Although it is relatively sunny in Tibet, the climate has drastic temperature changes in the winter and summer averaging -15C (5F) and 23C (73F).  It isn't unheard of to have temperatures of -40 to -50C (-45 to -55F), particularly in those areas of the Northern Plateau that experience extensive snowstorms.

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Population : 2.2 million
Area : 
1.2 million
Capital : Lhasa
Average Temperatures :
23C/73F in summer
-15C/5F in winter


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