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Winter Sonata




Winter Sonata
KBS 2002


Kang Joon Sang/ Lee Min Hyung ~ Bae Yong Jun
Jung Yu Jin ~ Choi Ji Woo
Kim Sang Hyuk ~ Park Yong Ha
Oh Chelin ~
Park Sol Mi
Kong Jin Suk ~ Lee Hye Eun
Kwon Yong Kuk ~ Ryu Seung Soo

General Synopsis:

Yu Jin and Sang Hyuk are close childhood friends who do everything together with their friends Chelin, Jin Suk and Yong Kuk. When Joon Sang arrives in town, Chelin claims him as her own. Joon Sang seems to have a grudge against Sang Hyuk and tries to aggravate him.  He even manages to win Yu Jin's heart to the surprise and disappointment of their friends, especially Chelin.  This causes jealousy and anger until an accident occurs that disrupts their lives.

This is a show about the power of love - whether it be pure or an obsession - and how it affects the lives of the ones we love by the decisions we make.


Excellent - Debatable with other K-drama followers, but this is my favorite modern drama.  The scenery, music and on-screen "sizzle" make it a "must watch" drama and the soundtrack a "must have" CD.

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Winter Sonata  
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Winter Sonata Soundtrack

Winter Sonata Concert DVD
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Korea is riding on the "hallyu" movement - the globalization of Korean dramas (K-dramas).  Whether it's Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China or the U.S., viewers who watch Korean dramas are enamored by the "real" acting and fascinating stories that unfold before their eyes.

K-dramas are a refreshing change for many, and some, like Winter Sonata, take them back to first loves.  Others like, Dae Jang Geum, tell about history in a fascinating way with rich costumes and realistic sets.

While some viewers may find them too "mild" for their taste, many others will be thrilled to find tasteful, endearing programming that reels them in and leaves them wanting more...and more...and more....and then they're hooked only to find that they are part of the "hallyu" movement. 

Buying Korean Dramas

If you are interested in buying Korean dramas, be careful where you buy them.  Buying from eBay and other sites may be less expensive, but as the saying goes "you get what you pay for."

From personal experience, buying off of eBay or other sites usually results in bootleg or illegal copies of the dramas which results in poor picture quality.  Some bootleg copies also have very poor English subtitles, ranging from jibberish to excessive foul language.  The only site we use and recommend, because of the excellent quality of the DVDs and English subtitles, is is the only authorized distributor of Korean DVDs in North America.  

If AsianInfo has helped you in your search or interest in Korean dramas, please use the links posted below each drama.  There is no additional cost to you to purchase through these links.  We need your help in improving our website and appreciate your visiting us! supports I.C.E.Y. - H.O.P.E. (non-profit org)
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