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The Haeso Mask Dance-Drama

The Haeso mask dance-drama, performed in the Haeju area of Hwanghae-do province in the North, was also performed during the Tano festival. Its origin cannot be traced, but it is believed to have been created at about the same time as the Sandae. It was a seven-act play. The roles varied slightly according to the locality in which it was played, but the overall cast of characters was about the same as in Kkoktugakshi and the Sandae.

The Ogwangdae Mask Dance-Drama

The fourth type, appearing in Kyongsangnam-do province, was an acrobatic affair known as the Ogwangdae, or Play of the Five Clowns. The clowns apparently were the "Generals of the Five Directions," that is, the generals who guarded positions in the north, south, east, west, and center. It was performed on the 15th day of the First Moon by village amateurs under the direction of the village elders versed in the play.

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