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Vocal Music and Opera

Many Korean sopranos, including Jo Su-mi, Hong Hye-kyong, Shin Yong-ok, and Kim Yong-mi perform frequently on the international stage. In addition, the baritone Ch'oe Hyon-su, won top honors in the 1990 Tchaikovsky Musical Competition.

Verdi's La Traviata was the first opera performed in Korea. The National Opera Group was established in 1968 under the tutelage of the National Theater. Eight more private opera groups, in addition to regional city opera groups, have been inaugurated since. These opera groups performed both German and Italian operas. 


Likewise, they have also performed Korean operas in order to familiarize their audience not only with Western music, but with Korean music as well. As for Korean operas, Ch'unhyangjon by Hyon Che-myong, Shimch'mongjon by Kim Tong-jin, and Prince Hodong by Chang Il-nam were all notable achievements, as was the recent production of Ch'oi-yong by Lee Young-jo in 1987. The opera, which was based on a Korean novel, has marked a new turning point in the production of Korean operas.

Rose Jang


Rose Jang is an acclaimed Korean-American pop opera artist who is well-known for singing operatic arias, musical and classic pop songs. She is the first Korean to release an album comprising operatic arias as well as hit musical songs. Her album is distributed by Mnet.

Early Life

Jang was born in Princeton. She is the daughter of Daniel Jang who has a doctorate from Princeton University and is also a graduate of Kyunggi High School and Seoul National University. She performed the violin as part of the New Jersey Youth Symphony. She performed with the New Jersey Youth Symphony at Carnegie Hall at the age of 17. She is a graduate of Smith College.

Awards and Achieivements

Jang has won a number of awards for her accomplishments in music including the award for “Outstanding Vocalist” in the “Classical” category at the South Korean Entertainment Awards. Awards were given to sixty of Korea’s leading music, film, and performing arts icons. Jang was also awarded “Most Successful Artist” of 2009 at the Seoul Success Awards. Jang has performed at major events including the inaugural ceremony of South Korean President Lee Myung Bak and the Pridefest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  where she performed alongside legendary R&B vocalist Patti Labelle.

Jang reached number one on the domestic and international music charts with her performance of the song “Memory” from the musical “Cats,” topping versions by both Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.

Jang has broken the record for most weeks at #1 on the korean classical chart with her rendition of "You Raise Me Up" from the "Songs of Hope" series.

In June 2010 Jang was chosen as one of Korea’s “10 Most Shining Stars” by Arirang Television Network., a popular network in Asia, aired a documentary of her life in music that was broadcast in 170 countries around the world. Jang was also featured on the hit T.V. show Star King (Korean TV show) where she performed as a “Special Guest.” In 2009, was chosen to be a spokesmodel for Lancome cosmetics. Among others, she was featured in the Korean versions of Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire magazines.

Ambassador Career

Jang is currently working on a project that will allow her to promote Korean culture globally. As an official Ambassador for Korean Tourism (the only female vocalist to hold this position), she plans to adapt traditional folk songs for English listeners. She then plans to perform traditional Korean folk songs in English at concert halls around the world. On February 24, 2010, she debuted these rearranged Korean folk songs at the Seoul Arts Center.

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Jang performed in Johannesburg for six of the top twenty four representatives of FIFA in order to promote the bidding for the World Cup to take place in Korea in the year 2022 in which she performed solo alongside world-renowned soprano Sumi Jo. Jang has performed for many FIFA events including concerts for the FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter. She has also performed at the World Cup in 2006 as well as many friendly and World Cup qualifying games.

Jang has performed for world leaders including the president of Turkmenistan and the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Gi Moon. In addition, Jang often performs musical pieces at events for the South Korean president Lee Myung Bak.

 Recent Performances

She recently performed a solo concert at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on September 28, 2010. Jang performed the national anthem on the final day of the Formula One Grand Prix of South Korea on October 24. She performed at the G20 Summit in Seoul. In October and November Jang completed a seven-city tour of South Korea.

On Dec 21 Jang performed at the Richardson Auditorium at Alexander Hall in Princeton University which Buddy Graham called "one of the world’s acoustically “great” concert halls".

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