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The fifth largest city in the world, the Seoul metropolis has a population of about 10.3 million and is the center for economy, finance, the arts and culture.  
Seoul is known to be one of the safest places to travel in with its low crime rate.  
There is a blend of old and new in Seoul with the modern high-rises and trendy shops mixed in with ancient temples and palaces. Shopping is not a problem with the many department stores and street shops located around the city. People are very sociable and kind to visitors in Seoul. You will always see people in groups laughing and walking along the streets. More...

Chinese Police Stop U.S. Boy's Peace Protest


A 13-year-old U.S boy, Jonathan Lee, who is campaigning for a peace park, was released from Chinese detention along with his mother, after staging a brief protest near Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
He is asking the China to support:
1.The end of the Korean War with the signing of a peace treaty between the two Koreas and the U.S.
2.A nuclear free Korean peninsula.
3.The creation of a Children's Peace Forest in the DMZ. It's motto is Above Politics, Above Borders, Above Conflicts, Above Ideology. It's all about giving hope to people and children around the world. More......

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Country : Korea
Population :
10.3 million
Area :
East-West: 36.78km
South-North: 30.30km
Currency :
Won ($1=1100W) 
Languages :


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Pukansan Mountain outside Seoul

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Downtown Seoul

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South Fortress outside Seoul

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