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Map of Jeju Island

Jejudo Island Information (Cheju Island)

Jejudo Island

Located on the southwest seas off the Korean peninsula, Jejudo Island is Korea's largest island, covering 1,845 sq.km in area (latitude of 73km longitude of 41km).  

With its mystique scenic beauty and the well-preserved cultural traditions, Jejudo is both a universal vacation spot and an important international meeting place that has hosted summit conferences, such as the Korean-Japanese and Korean-American talks. Jejudo was created entirely by a volcanic eruption and is covered with dark volcanic rocks and clay.  

It is surrounded by water on all four sides and the entire seashore takes pride in its natural beauty of oddly-shaped rocks, waterfalls, the white sandy beach, and islands, etc.



Jeju Island is located at 126`08'~126`58' of east longitude, 36`06'~33`00' north latitude. It has a distance of 452km from Seoul, 301km from Busan, 989km from Osaka in Japan, 499 km from Shanghai in China and 1030 km from Hong Kong.


Jejudo's climate features both subtropical oceanic climate and temperate climates; warm and mild, yet showing distinct seasonal changes.  

With an average temperature of 16'C (hottest summer  - 33.5'C, coldest January - 1'C), Jeju Island has the mildest weather in Korea, allowing tourists to visit all-year-long. 

There is big difference in the climate of Jeju City and Seogwipo City (located on opposite sides of Mt. Halla) Interestingly, you can see the flora and fauna of all subtropical, tropical, and temperate regions on Mt. Halla.                                                                                          top

Local Transportation

Local Bus

The local Airport Bus and general buses going through Jeju City, Seogwipo city, and Jungmun Tourist Resort runs every 3~5min.
Local bus includes a slow bus that runs through several districts(departs every 25min) and a express bus departing every 20min. Board at Jeju City Local Bus Terminal(82-64-753-1153)and Seogwipo City Bus Terminal(82-64-762-3248).

Airport Limousine Bus / Airport Bus

Airport Limousine Bus runs between Jeju Int'l Airport and Seogwipo area at 15min intervals. It passes through the airport, Sin Jeju, main hotels in Jungmun Tourist Resort, and Seogwipo Harbor.

The Airport Bus runs through Jeju City. Bus no.100 runs between the airport and the pier and no.600 operates from the airport to the Jungmun Tourist Resort, then connects to Seogwipo Harbor. Check the schedule beforehand, it may change due to traffic conditions.
Tel : Airport Bus 82-64-713-7000

Rental Cars

Traveling in a car is very convenient in Jeju Island, because of the good road system. Anyone over age 22, with a permit and driving experience of at least 1 yr 6mo., is able to rent a car.

Rental-Car Companies
Green Car Rental : 080-055-2002
Halla Car Rental : 82-64-724-1007
Han Gook Car Rental : 82-64-748-5005
Jeju Car Rental : 82-64-747-3301


Tourists also have the option of traveling Jeju Island on a taxi, guided by a native cabdriver.
Tel : Jeju Island Owner-operator
Private Taxi Transport Union - 82-64-744-2793~4
Jeju Island Taxi Transport Union - 82-64-722-0274


Korean Air and Asiana Airlines currently operates domestic flights from Jeju to 10 cities in Korea (Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, etc.) and international flights to seven cities in China and Japan. Check for flight information in advance, for there may be seasonal changes in the schedule.


You can also reach Jeju Island on a boat that departs from Busan (11-hour trip), Mokpo (5 hrs), and Wando (3 hrs).
Schedule may change depending on weather conditions so please check in advance.
Tel: Jeju Harbor Terminal 82-64-757-0117


Information provided by the Korean Embassy.

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Country : Korea
Population :
10.3 million
Area :
East-West: 36.78km
South-North: 30.30km
Currency :
Won ($1=1100W) 
Languages :


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